Routine Vision Care at Market Place

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A message to our valued patients, 
To help meet increasing demand for eye care in our community, Clarus Eye Centre is expanding!
We are excited to announce the opening of Clarus Eye Centre at Market Place, which is located at 724 Columbia St. NW,
Olympia, WA 98501 as of March 6th, 2023.

Our Market Place location will allow us to focus exclusively on patients seeking new glasses or contact lenses, which will
equate to shorter appointment times. Medical patients who need to be seen for more complicated eye conditions and
diseases will continue to be seen at our main location, 345 College Street SE in Lacey. Delivering a large portion of our
routine vision care services at Market Place will greatly improve patient flow and wait times at all locations.

Dr. Tammy Burrell, our Market Place optometrist, will offer routine vision care (including eye exams). Market Place
optical services will provide a full array of frames and lenses, as well as contact lenses. Our oculoplastic surgeon, Dr.
Blake Perry, will also be offering his services at our Market Place location beginning this Spring.

As we continue to grow and adapt to better serve you, we have also had to reevaluate our routine exam services.
Moving forward, unless a patient has been dilated or received a wide-field photo (Optomap) within the past year, all
Clarus Eye Centre locations will require either dilation or a wide field photo during a routine eye exam (see page 2 for
details on medical exams and eye health screenings).

Unfortunately, insurances don’t typically cover the $39 cost of a wide-field photo, and it will be charged to the patient.
Because dilation will NOT be available at the Market Place location, a wide-field photo will be scheduled for each eye
exam at a reduced fee of $29 (unless a patient has been dilated or had a wide-field photo within the last year). Our main
and Yelm locations will also offer the reduced $29 fee for wide-field photos (Optomap imaging) as of May 6th, 2023.


Where should you schedule your appointment?

If you need new glasses or contact lenses and you have been dilated or had a wide-field photo within 1 year, schedule
your vision exam for no additional fee at:
• Market Place
• Yelm
• Main/College Street (limited availability)

If you need new glasses or contact lenses and you have NOT been dilated or had a wide-field photo within 1 year,
schedule your vision exam (note the $29 out-of-pocket fee for Optomap imaging) at:
• Market Place (no dilation services available).
• Yelm
• Main/College Street (limited availability). No dilation services offered after 5/6/2023 for routine vision exams

If you need a medical eye exam (not for eyeglasses or contact lenses), schedule your medical appointments at:
• Main/College Street
• Yelm

Thank you so much for allowing us to participate in your health care. We look forward to serving you and your family.

Clarus Eye Centre

Additional Information Regarding Vision Exams and Eye Health Screening
“Routine vision exams” are typically covered by vision insurance or an annual vision benefit associated with
medical insurance. They include only basic eye exam elements, which means no additional testing, and
dilation is generally at the provider's discretion.

Routine vision patients usually expect a faster exam time for new/updated glasses or contact lens
prescriptions, and generally prefer not to be dilated. However, routine vision exams may be the only time a
patient presents for eye health screening. To offer the best preventative care when it comes to routine vision
exams, our office recommends patients’ eyes be dilated or have a wide-field photo (Optomap) taken of the
back of their undilated eyes for our providers to fully assess the structures of the eye from front to back.

Optomap imaging is technology that allows a wide-field image of the back of the eye without dilation*.
More details on Optomap imaging can be found at

Despite its benefits, Optomap imaging is considered advanced testing, which is not covered by vision
insurance. For patients who qualify and do not want to be dilated, we have been offering Optomap imaging
for $39. As of March 6th at our Market Place location and May 6th at our main/College Street and Yelm
locations, we will reduce our Optomap imaging fee to $29.

Why is a good view of the back of the eye important?
Less common but potentially medically threatening conditions may be missed with an undilated routine vision
exam because it only allows a small portion of the back of the eye to be viewed.

*NOTE: The use of Optomap imaging to defer dilation is applicable only to patients presenting for routine
vision care who are using their vision insurance. Patients undergoing evaluation for many eye conditions will
still require dilation. Examples of conditions requiring dilation include retinal disorders, cataracts, and
glaucoma. Patients being seen by one of our retina physicians will still require dilation at their appointments
to appropriately evaluate the retina.