Casual Wine Drinkers Less Likely to Get Cataracts

From The American Academy of Ophthalmology Written By: Vered Hazanchuk Mar. 31, 2021 ————————————————————————— A glass of wine a day may keep the doctor away, according to a new study from Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and University College London. The study was published in Ophthalmology and showed people who drank low to moderate amounts of…
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Today is World Keratoconus Day!

What is World KC Day? World Keratoconus Day is celebrated on November 10th. It is sponsored by the National Keratoconus Foundation. It is dedicated to raising awareness about keratoconus (KC), as well as educating and advocating for those living with keratoconus.   What is Keratoconus? Keratoconus, often referred to as ‘KC’, is a non-inflammatory eye…
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What is Diabetic Retinopathy?

What Is Diabetic Retinopathy? Leer en Español: ¿Qué es la retinopatía diabética? Written By: Kierstan Boyd Reviewed By: Ninel Z Gregori MD Sep. 18, 2020 People with diabetes can have an eye disease called diabetic retinopathy. This is when high blood sugar levels cause damage to blood vessels in the retina. These blood vessels can swell and leak. Or they…
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The Benefits of Fish Oil for Dry Eye

The Benefits of Fish Oil for Dry Eye Leer en Español: ¿Puede el Aceite de Pescado Ayudar a Aliviar el Ojo Seco? Written By: Celia Vimont Reviewed By: Rebecca J Taylor, MD Oct. 15, 2020 Our eyes need a healthy coating of tears. Without this lubrication, our eyes become red, scratchy and irritable. This can lead to…
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June is Cataract Awareness Month

June is cataract awareness month. Cataracts are a leading cause of blindness among older adults in the United States. Download this fact sheet from Prevent Blindness to share crucial facts and myths about cataracts with your patients. Learn More
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