Laser Cataract Surgery

 “I am ever so grateful to you for returning my brothers sight (literally) as you know he could only see shadows, no features or colors. Dr. Rudd you brought life back to him. He is more outgoing and friendly,  he’s back to who he used to be. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love and generosity shown to us. Without your compassion my brother would not have been blessed with his new vision. God Bless you & your staff.” – A.T sister of R.O.

Clarus now offers laser cataract surgery with all of our PREMIUM OPTIONS to help you see more clearly and brilliantly.

clinical_bannerDuring a brief outpatient procedure at our Lacey surgery center, your experienced Clarus surgeon will use the state-of-the-art Catalys® femtosecond laser to bring a more precise and customized approach to your cataract surgery. The Catalys® Laser system analyzes the internal structures of your eye during your procedure and provides computer controlled precision for several key steps of cataract surgery. The laser replaces the need for traditional hand-held blades which improves consistency with your surgery. Under your surgeon’s guidance, the Catalys® laser performs these delicate maneuvers with real-time 3D images and with incredible accuracy. Watch the video explaining how this fascinating new technology works.

The benefits of CATALYS include:

  • A highly customized procedure using advanced 3D imaging
  • A more precise treatment
  • A gentler and easier cataract removal
  • Generally, a more rapid visual recovery

After the cataract is removed, our surgeons will insert a replacement intraocular lens (IOL) in your eye to correct your vision. Many patients choose to have bifocal implants placed, reducing your need for glasses to see near, far and often in-between.

Surgery is done on one eye at a time using topical or local anesthesia. Recovery is fast – most patients resume daily activities within hours. In fact, a majority of patients see well enough to drive to the post-operative check with their surgeon the very next day.

Cataract surgery is performed by Gary Scholes, M.D., Jay Rudd, M.D.Stephen Reck, M.D, and Grant Aaker, M.D.

Wouldn’t you like to see your world more clearly? Schedule your cataract screening with one of our experienced ophthalmologists today.

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