How LASIK Works

LASIK is a safe and effective surgical treatment that reshapes your cornea – the transparent membrane that arcs over your pupil and iris – to refract (bend) light rays to focus more precisely on your retina.

Steps in LASIK

  • Step 1: Creation of the corneal flap. LASIK procedure making the flapA thin segment of the outer layer of the cornea is created and folded back to allow access to the underlying corneal tissue. This step can be performed manually with a microkeratome blade; however, at Aurora LASIK we use a special femtosecond laser called the Wavelight FS200 laser for this step.
  • Step 2: Reshaping of the corneal tissue.LASIK procedure shaping the eye We use the WaveLight Refractive Surgery Suite to re-shape the underlying corneal tissue to correct any irregularities. Dr. Jay Rudd obtains an unique profile of your eye during your pre-operative visits and uses this personalized measurement to customize your laser treatment. This allows him to treat the smallest aberrations in your eye, like using the fine focus on your vision.
  • Step 3: Replacement of the corneal flap. LASIK procedure closing the flapThe flap is then folded back into place where it begins to heal and bond quickly. Most patients are able to return to work the next day.

The entire procedure only takes about 20 minutes.

To learn more about LASIK contact us today to schedule a complimentary LASIK screening. LASIK screenings and LASIK surgery is performed by Dr. Rudd at his brand new LASIK center Aurora LASIK. Click here to learn more.

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